Dat toe-in.

It’s toe is in right now because it’s broken. See the smoke and coolant? It’s also on the grass.

I really should stop using sarcasm in a text-based format.

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I found Yoshio Fujimoto’s Facebook page in true creeper fashion.

Fujimoto is probably the most prolific rallyist to come out of Japan, winning the 1995 safari rally with a TTE st185 celica.

1995 was also the year Toyota team Europe launched the replacement st205 celica. The new car was the biggest variant of the celicas, and the drivers hated it. TTE was eventually caught cheating with the 205 & banned for the remainder of the 1995 & 96 season. All of their existing points & wins for the 95 season were washed, including Fujimoto’s safari win.

Fujimoto continued to drive at the world level until 1997. He now acts as the Managing Director for Tein suspension company, & is still very actively involved in rally & rally suspension development.


For my followers who are up and addicted to tumblr, here’s a sneak peek of the OzCelica minimeet today. Not a massive turn out but i’m not a fan of huge cruises with 50% hoons anyway. 
I will be posting more photos throughout the day( or next few days) 
Enjoy (: 
You can find more photos here


How many cars is enough: N+1.

1994 ST205 Toyota Celica GT-FOUR.  Number 2252 of 2500 built, of which only 77 were delivered to Australia.  None are currently for sale in the southern hemisphere … anymore.

Car #5, and my first 4WD.  My dream garage is complete.

A submission from a fellow owner in Australia. I have always enjoyed the fact it’s such a diverse global community of GT-Four owners we have.


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